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Different versions of miniature tax stamp Makers Mark bottles

              There are a lot of different versions of the miniature tax stamp bottles

Maker’s Mark Minnesota Bottle

  New/Old Maker’s Mark bottle found    I purchased this Maker’s Mark Minnesota bottle on eBay recently and it’s something

Mark Stoops is your new Keeneland bottle

Here’s your 2014 Keeneland Bottle….. Coach Calipari was on a bottle after his first year and now Coach Stoops get

Collector Spotlight

            Let’s all give it up for collector-of-the-month, Zach Nutter…. Zach began collecting Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark 2011 Keeneland Bottle

  The idiosyncrasies and the 3 Versions. When it comes to the Keeneland set that Maker’s Mark puts out every

Beyond the Box Score

One of the coolest achievements for any Kentuckian is to grace the front of a Keeneland Maker’s Mark bottle! The

Beyond the Drips… The friends I have made along the way!

Collecting Maker’s Mark bottles goes way beyond the bottles! I have built numerous friendships through buying, selling and trading bottles